Rueda De Casino Moves

Rueda is a fun synchronised dance performed in a wheel where partners are swapped in a counter-clockwise rotation normally. It shares many of the same moves as Cuban salsa so once you've learnt those you can jump in and try rueda.

Here are the names of the basic moves we use in la rueda de casino:

  • Arriba / forward circular cuban march  
  • Abajo / backwards circular cuban march 
  • Tarro / leads swap forward underarm to next partner while follower taps [after Arriba]
  • Tarro mujer / followers swap forward underarm to next partner while lead taps [after Abajo]
  • Tarrito / as per Tarro but keep holding hand of previous partner & repeat then unwind!
  • Sidestep (rumba)
  • Abrazo (open out)
  • Sacala (follower goes through the arch while lead does sidestep)
  • Fly (clap)
  • Dos Fly (2 claps)
  • Fly línea (3 claps in a line)
  • Guapea (both backstep then press hands on forward step)
  • Enchufla (change of place)
  • Dile Que No (change of place where follower goes from lead's right back to lead's left)
  • Dame (similar to above, lead slides right to pick up and move next follower to the left)
  • Vacila (change of place using a follower's right turn)
  • Dile Que Si (same as vacila except lead keeps hold of follower's right hand)
  • Setenta (follower's double handed right turn leaving left arm behind back)
  • Sombrero (follower's cross handed right turn dropping arms overshoulders)
  • Sombrero con mambo (as above & afterwards with taps )
  • Sombrero loco (as Sombrero & afterwards with 3 steps forward and 3 hops back)

    These are more advanced:
  • Prima (ballroom turn then lead's left turn)
  • Prima Hermana (as above followed by enchufla)
  • Prima Hermana Tía aka La Familia (as above then link arms and walk round together)
  • Enchufla hermano (enchufla and leads move to centre and 'huddle' whilst cross-backstepping, followers walk round in a circle)
  • La Flor (enchufla and leads move to centre then leads and flowers lift and rotate arms in turn like the petals of a flower opening)
  • Enchufla policia (enchufla and leads move to centre and then get patted down by the followers)
  • Enchufla par'arriba (enchufla but leads go clockwise instead and pick up follower)