1-2-1 Private Salsa Lessons

Fun and friendly 1 hour sessions in a home setting that suits your pace and ability.

Available in and around Droitwich Spa
Daytimes, evenings & weekends available 

Why Book A Private Lesson? 

Learning salsa is lots of fun and opens you up to a world of true joy whatever your age. 
We have taught people from absolute beginner stage up to intermediate level.

Private lessons are a preferred way of learning for:

Couples who want to dance together exclusively
People who strongly believe they can't actually dance ('I have two left feet' - yes we hear this often)
Those feeling self-conscious to be in a group class or who learn better when taught 1-2-1 
Preparation for joining group classes
Catchup when classes have been missed due to holidays or illness
Accelerated learning, styling & instructor tips


First of all we warmly welcome you on arrival and ask you to tell us what you want to achieve so we can tailor everything to suit. 

For most people joining afresh as beginners, we typically follow a step-by step program with videos of each move provided for your own practice or recap between lessons plus a list of songs to practice along to and start to get used to picking up that familiar 1-2-3 5-6-7 salsa beat. You are taught at the pace that best suits your learning style so you are always comfortable with the session and your continuing progress.



The cost is £40 per hour session. 
This is often with a male and female instructor both present, but it may be just one instructor dependent on availability.


Simply contact Neil via 07972 196474 or email salsacruzclasses@gmail.com with any questions whatsoever and then we can book a session for you to get started.