Our Next Latin Pop Party is in June 2024 (TBA). 

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Upcoming Social Events In 2024

Join us at the next parties we are attending and have a lot of fun trying out your moves:

  • Sat 11th May Birmingham Bearwood from 8pm
  • Sat 8th June Birmingham Bearwood from 8pm
  • June (TBA) Droitwich Latin Pop party - our own event, find out more


Moves We Teach You Can Use At Social Nights

At our classes, we prepare you with the basic moves that mean you can dance socially once you know them:

  • Guapea
  • Enchufla
  • Dile Que No
  • Dame
  • Sacala
  • Uno & Dos
  • Vacilala
  • Sombrero
  • Setenta

We also practice la rueda de casino in class ('the wheel' where we walk around & swap partners) which uses the moves listed above plus:

  • Arriba
  • Abajo
  • Tarro
  • Tarro mujer
  • Fly
  • Enchufla variations (doble, con mambo, con dos etc)
  • Dame
  • Prima
  • La familia

Am I Ready For A Social Night?

The first thing to say is that the places we recommend for social nights are very, very friendly and welcoming of new people and beginners with good vibes and lots of fun. However we were once beginners so we understand there can be some trepidation about attending your first social night out.

What should I wear?

You can be as casual or dressed up as you like! Jeans are fine and so are trainers, whatever you are comfortable in, just make sure it is light as you will get hot dancing. Once you regularly enjoy social nights out then (especially the ladies) you might want some proper dancing shoes which have slippier soles for turning more easily.

What Can I Expect?

A very welcoming environment where you will make new friends and be treated respectfully. The night often starts off with a warmup session then a rueda or other class, which then leads onto dancing the rest of the night. The gentlemen will ask ladies to dance (yes that does sound old-fashioned and chivalrous - how lovely) which it is polite to accept. Ladies can ask as well. Same-sex dancing is fine.

You'll dance with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities who are joined together in their common love of dance and meeting people.

As a beginner, if you tell your partner you're just starting out they'll look after you and dance within your ability. Later in the night there is normally another lineup and rueda track. Lots of fun, lasting till around midnight - 1am. You'll sleep well when you get back home!